Assisting With Surety Bonds And Miller Act Claims

Having a surety bond on a construction project can allow you to collect the money you are owed, even if the contractor or the owner becomes insolvent.

However, surety bonds and related Miller Act claims are extremely detailed and statute-driven. If you fail to file timely notices or fail to properly document your claim, you can lose that claim altogether. It only makes sense to retain a lawyer skilled in these complex construction law concerns.

At the Kansas City law firm of Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, we have more than a decade of experience in construction law matters in both Missouri and Kansas. Our team of lawyers understands the detailed legal requirements involved in:

  • Notice requirements on bond claims
  • Required evidentiary support on bond claims
  • The interpretation of the terms and conditions contained in performance and payment bonds

We strive to be cost-conscious, and we take pride in helping our clients make viable business decisions that resolve their concerns in an efficient and timely manner.

The Basics Of The Miller Act

Essentially, the Miller Act is a federal law requiring contractors to post performance bonds and surety bonds on federal construction projects within the U.S. It applies to contracts worth more than $100,000 and is intended to guarantee that contractors will adequately perform their duties and promptly pay their material suppliers and contractors.

Obtain The Knowledgeable Legal Advice You Need

Consulting an attorney with experience is vital when it comes to surety bonds and Miller Act claims. Very specific rules must be followed in order to guard your financial interests. To arrange a consultation with one of the attorneys at Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, call our office at 866-578-5199 or contact us online.