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Contracts are at the core of the construction industry. The numerous workers who contribute their skills and labor depend on contracts to establish the scope of the work, the rate of pay and other important rights. For contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and laborers, the contract forms the entire legal basis for their working relationship.

Because contracts are so central for those in the construction industry, it is important to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the terms of the contract. Your rights and compensation may depend on it.

Drafting And Reviewing Contracts To Protect Your Rights

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, in Kansas City, our construction contract lawyers provide experienced legal guidance for contractors, subcontractors, laborers, suppliers and others in the construction industry. Our attorneys have more than a decade of experience handling construction law matters. We also possess firsthand industry insight – one of our lawyers is a former contractor who has encountered many of the same legal issues and concerns our clients face.

Equipped with this knowledge and experience, we provide quality legal services in negotiating, drafting and reviewing construction contracts. Our lawyers can help you develop a solid, equitable contract. We can also review proposed contracts to ensure that you are not signing away important rights.

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, our clients’ livelihood is our priority. We provide efficient, cost-effective services to help clients make wise economic decisions.

Dissecting The Details

While many construction contracts contain standard terms and language, the details can set the stage for many important considerations should a dispute later arise. Common provisions that can jeopardize your rights include:

  • Liquidated damages provisions
  • Forum selection clauses
  • Choice of law provisions
  • Mandatory arbitration clauses
  • “Pay if paid” clauses

Our lawyers can review these provisions to determine whether they are lawful and reasonable in scope.

If a contract-related dispute does arise, we also provide aggressive representation in both litigation and arbitration or mediation.

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