Kansas City Attorneys For Construction Defect Defense

A construction defect claim can damage your business’s reputation and leave you liable for significant financial damages.

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, our mission is to protect you and your business to the fullest extent possible under the law. Our experienced team of construction law attorneys has been serving clients across Missouri and Kansas for more than a decade.

In addition to defending general contractors, subcontractors and other parties against defect claims, we have significant experience working with — and against — insurance companies. Over the years, we have found that nearly every construction defect dispute touches upon insurance coverage in one way or another.

Handling Water Intrusion, Structural Flaws And Other Defect Claims

Our lawyers handle cases involving all kinds of alleged building defects, including:

  • Water infiltration and mold damage due to building envelope issues
  • Lack of structural integrity due to carpentry or masonry errors
  • Plumbing errors leading to sewer backups and leaks
  • Electrical issues due to faulty wiring
  • Earth movement and soil erosion problems

Developing A Comprehensive Defense Strategy

Our construction defect attorneys are skilled at promptly and accurately identifying relevant issues and evidence. From determining the nature and extent of each party’s participation in the project to providing a detailed indemnity analysis, we diligently uphold our client’s interests.

We are familiar with the possibility of tainted findings during the plaintiff’s destructive testing, with the difference between construction defects and design defects, and with other critical issues. You can rely on us to develop the most effective defense possible under the facts of the case.

To schedule a consultation with one of our Kansas City attorneys, call Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, at 866-578-5199 or contact us online.