Representing Material Suppliers

We Have Experience In Collections Work And Payment Disputes

Most commercial suppliers of construction materials find themselves in the position of lenders from time to time. They provide the necessary goods to complete the project prior to receiving full payment for those goods. When material suppliers are not repaid, the financial repercussions can be serious.

At Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, in Kansas City, our construction law attorneys represent suppliers and other clients throughout Missouri and Kansas. We are very experienced in collections work on behalf of construction professionals. Whether the in-debt party filed for bankruptcy, encountered unexpected obstacles or is simply stalling on payment, we have the knowledge and skill to effectively assert your right to repayment.

Proactive Contract Drafting Can Save Your Company Money

Our lawyers are skilled problem solvers with the legal experience and industry insight necessary for protecting your profitability. However, our services are not limited to reactive measures such as representation in collections or mechanic’s lien disputes. We also provide proactive services designed to safeguard our clients’ interests.

For instance, we are skilled in drafting personal guarantees to accompany open customer accounts to help protect against contractors who attempt to change their names and escape their financial obligations. We also draft a wide array of other contracts intended to protect our clients’ rights to collect. Our emphasis is on providing cost-sensitive and legally effective solutions.

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