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If you are a subcontractor or otherwise engaged in the construction industry, you have likely encountered payment issues. The law allows for certain ways to force payment, called construction liens. However, these are not always easy to achieve.

Troppito Miller Griffin, LLC, is a Kansas City firm with unique experience working with the construction industry. Our down-to-earth attorneys help contractors, subcontractors and more get the payment they deserve for their work.

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Over the past decade, we have guided many clients through the legal processes around overdue payment and construction liens. We are able to answer questions to some common questions we receive:

What can you do if a contractor doesn’t pay? If a contractor does not pay their subcontractor, the subcontractor can file a mechanic’s lien. This lien allows you to get payment for work performed. If the contractor still does not pay, you can go to court and foreclose the property, then sell it and pay yourself out of the proceeds. A “pay if paid” or “pay when paid” clause in a contract can have an effect here as well.

How do you file a mechanic’s lien in Missouri? You file a mechanic’s lien with the court. However, it’s important to get the help of an attorney here. There are paperwork and deadlines to consider, and any mistake can mean the lien is worthless and you will not get paid.

What are the deadlines for mechanic’s liens and bond claims? Deadlines for mechanic’s liens tend to be tight, and they vary based on different elements. These deadlines are hard rules. Missing a deadline means that your claim is lost, so make sure to talk to a lawyer.

Every situation is different, but our attorneys have the experience to offer answers no matter what your case entails.

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