Construction project documents

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Construction projects contribute to the Missouri economy, and builders do their part by working with various clients. Since building projects involve significant money and resources to complete, the arrangements require numerous documents that provide details about the venture. All parties should familiarize themselves with these documents, and they may need them to move forward with the project and avoid legal woes.

Primary documents for a construction project

A contract stands as a vital document for a construction project. A contract is a binding agreement between the two parties that stipulates each one’s duties and obligations. The builder may agree to develop a new home, and the buyer signs the contract agreeing to pay a specified amount. Other terms could appear in the contract. Anyone who violates the terms might be guilty of a breach of contract.

The scope of work (SOW) document adds further details to the arrangement. The SOW document provides clear details about the work the contractor intends to perform, how it will be performed, who handles the tasks, and information about materials. A construction schedule would lay out when the work commences and ends, along with possible details of what may happen if delays arise.

Further document notes

Contracts may present details explaining what might happen if any extensions become necessary and might refer to other documents, such as the bill of quantities. All parties could benefit from reviewing contracts and other documents thoroughly.

A cost estimate might be one of the most helpful and informative documents. The various parties likely need to know the project’s overall budget to make their decisions.